Art Week: Day 1


Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-06-2017 opciones financieras americanas Art Week has started and we have had such a lovely first day! We watched a fantastic ‘digger demonstration’ on the playground this morning and listened to lots of information about the machinery, how it works, where it is made and how expensive it is to buy and run!

‘Digger Demo’ on PhotoPeach

Then we went out onto the playground and spent some time sketching the digger and the dumper. Our art work was fantastic and we put into practise all of the skills we have learnt with Piper over the past year. We showed off our work in a ‘mini art exhibition’ in class and we were very good at complimenting and praising our friends.

cosa significa fare trading on line Sketching on PhotoPeach

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