Sport Enrichment – Golf!


Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 31-03-2017 This term we really enjoyed our Sport Enrichment session which was…GOLF! Some of us had already had a go at golf before and we were keen to show off our skills. Some of us had never held a golf club before but we managed to putt the ball under an arch or perfect our swings to drive the ball really far!

check here Thank you to Mrs Gould for organising another fantastic taster session.

come giocare in borsa cone opzioni binarie Sport Enrichment on PhotoPeach

Happy Easter!


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binary option trading united states We have been celebrating this week! Lots of us had so much fun at the Easter Disco; we saw so many amazing dance moves. Thank you to Mrs Lane for our fantastic disco! Time for Dancing! on PhotoPeach

buy strattera no prescription We also had a very special Easter Egg Hunt in class because we filled our Marble Jar. Miss Morrow sneakily hid lots of chocolate eggs around the classroom and we, very quickly, found them all! We were very lucky because we also won an extra bag of mini chocolate bunnies to share because our class raised the most amount of money in the ‘Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar’ competition. Well done to Georgia who had the closest guess! Time for Chocolate! on PhotoPeach

Our Trip to the Synagogue


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In RE this year we have been learning all about Judaism. We have listened to many stories that are important to the Jewish faith, talked about the different Jewish celebrations and festivals and talked about our own feelings and experiences.

One of the important Jewish stories we have learnt about is ‘The Story of Moses.’ We freeze framed different key events from the story…

Freeze Frames: The Story of Moses on PhotoPeach

Last week, we all walked to the local Synagogue to bring our learning to life. Our behaviour was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end; we listened respectfully and answered lots of questions. We especially enjoyed seeing all of the Jewish artefacts we have been learning about – havdalah candles, kippahs and the Torah.

Our Learning


Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 31-03-2017 anyoption app In Literacy this term we have been learning how to write a setting description. We imitated a story called ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ using story language. Then we innovated our very own setting for the story. We used noun phrases, adjectives and similes to describe the setting. We have also been learning how to write a successful set of instructions. We imitated a set of instructions for ‘How to Trap a Stone Giant.’ Then we found out that, luckily, the stone giant had been trapped but a water goblin was on the loose! As a class, we wrote a set of instructions to capture the water goblin using; conjunctions in time, bossy verbs and a range of punctuation. Then we wrote our very own set of instructions for ‘How to Catch a Star’ using everything we know. In Maths this term we have been focusing on fractions. We have been finding one half, one quarter, one third and three quarters of an object, an amount and a shape. We have also used our understanding of place value to add two or more 2-digit numbers and work out missing numbers within a number sentence. Finally, we have been learning how to measure accurately in centimetres, using a ruler.

We found our fare trade con le apzioni binarie ‘China’ topic very interesting this term! We especially enjoyed learning about the Chinese Zodiac; a traditional Chinese legend. Use this website to discover the animal linked to the year you were born… Next term is a very important term for us in Year 2. We will be developing our handwriting and use of punctuation in Literacy. In Maths we will be learning about the properties of different shapes and applying our understanding to solve problems. Our topic next term is find this ‘Blast Off’ where we will be learning all about the history of space travel. Keep your eyes peeled for information about a very exciting school trip linked to this topic towards the end of Term 5! Thank you for your continued support!