Art Week: DAY 2


Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-06-2016 Today we have been exploring a different sea creature. First we did another sensory test where some children tried to guess our ‘creature of the day!’ – Mussels!

go site Then we used charcoal to sketch the mussels. We all thought it was very strange how the mussels kept opening and closing by themselves!

my response After lunch, we had an amazing surprise!

ما الذي يمكنني القيام به لكسب المال من المنزل CHIPS FROM THE CHIP SHOP!

daftar forex gratis dollar They were delicious.

navigate to this website I wonder what we have got in store for Day 3 of our fantastic Art Week!

binaire opties methode Sketching using Charcoal on PhotoPeach

have a peek at this web-site Time for Chips! on PhotoPeach

Art Week: DAY 1


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click to read more It’s Monday and we have already been so, so busy exploring the sea side. Today…

beställ Sildenafil Citrate online 1. Some of us have taken part in a sensory test where we were blindfolded and we had to use our touch, smell and hear test to guess the sea creature that we were holding. YUK!

why not try these out 2. We all sketched an amazing drawing of a real life crab. Today we used pencil to create our sketches. We used cross-hatching and we were trying very hard to show areas of light and dark using our pencils only! 3. We watched Piper create a beautiful painting using oil pastels. He painted the seaside and he gave us lots of hints and tips that we can try ourselves throughout the week. 3. We met some donkeys! One was called Zara and the other one was called Zeberde. They helped us to trim the grass on our school field.

4. We ate some delicious lollipops. What else is there to do on a hot day at the seaside?

5. We spent some time exploring the sand and water area outside. We made sandcastles, buried our feet in the sand, splashed in puddles, played games with a beach ball, relaxed on deck chairs and got our feet extremely wet and sandy!

We have had the BEST DAY to start our amazing art week and the children have been very well behaved.

Photos to follow…

Sensory Test 1 on PhotoPeach

Sketching using pencil on PhotoPeach

Fun at the Beach! on PhotoPeach

More fun at the beach! on PhotoPeach

Habitat Home Learning


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We are amazed at all of the children’s fantastic home learning projects. They have all designed and made wonderful underwater habitats! We have real fish tanks, habitats that light up and even a magical underwater habitat in a bottle! Have a look at our creations below…

Thank you for all of the time and effort spent on your home learning!

Our Habitat Home Learning on PhotoPeach


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Magic Maths 2 on PhotoPeach

Magical Maths!


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In Numeracy this week we have been learning about capacity. To help us, Miss Morrow thought it would be a great idea to make some magic potions. We mixed different volumes of liquid together to make different potions. The liquid was very interesting…

– Frogs Breath
– Mountain Haze
– Teardrops of a fairy
– Inky Slime
– Dragon’s Blood

We had to follow a set of instructions to make sure that we had the right quantities of each of the ingredients. We made 3 different potions…
– Fairydust Potion (so you can fly!)
– Super Strength Potion
– Invisibility Potion

We even tested out our potions to see if we were accurate enough with our measuring and if they worked!

Ask us what we found out…

Magical Maths on PhotoPeach