Thank you Ethan and Mr York!


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i thought about this Ethan and his dad, Mr York, came into school this week to talk to us about their adventures in China! We had a look at some of their wonderful photographs from their time in China. We were also able to explore some fascinating objects from China including Chinese money, terracotta warriors, Chinese instruments, toys from China and even a beautiful Chinese paintbrush.

best melbourne dating apps Thank you for coming into school to tell us about your wonderful time in China, we learnt a lot from you Ethan and Mr York!



Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 03-02-2016 We have been very lucky this term because a Modroc artist has visited us in year 2 and helped us to create some fantastic Modroc sculptures.

enter site We spent one morning completing stage one of our sculptures which meant using newspaper and masking tape to construct the shape of our sculptures. We made snakes, tigers, dogs or monkeys – some of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.ÃÃâ€Ã‚’¨-opzionibinarie-net We then spent the following morning using the Modroc to cover our sculptures (which meant getting a little bit messy!) These have now been drying for over a week and are almost ready to paint!

click here You are invited to come into school on Tuesday 9th February from 9.30 to 11.30 to help us paint our sculptures. Also, we would like to say a huge thank you to any grown ups who came into school to help us with our Modroc sculptures last week! Your help and support was greatly appreciated. Modroc stage 1… on PhotoPeach

Chinese Food Tasting!


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click here now As part of our topic “Monkey Businesses” where we are learning all about life in China we decided it would be a great idea to taste some traditional Chinese food.

my review here We were very lucky and we tried prawn crackers, noodles with sweet and sour sauce as well as vegetable spring rolls.

see In Literacy we have been learning some fantastic describing techniques – adjectives, noun phrases and similes. So we spent some time using these techniques to describe the Chinese food. Here is what some of the children came up with…

“The prawn crackers are as salty as McDonald’s chips” – Laura
“In the bottom of my mouth the prawn crackers feel very greasy.”- Cameron
“The spring rolls are peppery and seasoned.” – Teegan
“The crackers are as crunchy as a fresh chocolate chip cookie.” – Riley F
“The delicious noodles felt like worms going down my throat.” – Amaan
“The noodles are not delicious they are as dirty as a muddy worm.” – Oktavier (We don’t think Oktavier enjoyed the sweet and sour noodles!)

Have a look at the photographs of some of the children tasting the Chinese food…

Chinese Food Tasting! on PhotoPeach

Science Dome


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In preparation for our topic next term – “Blast Off” – the children were given the chance to learn some interesting facts about Space! The Science Dome arrived in our hall and from the outside it looked like a giant bouncy castle!

However, when we went inside it had been transformed into Space! We got to see some planets up close and started to think about what life would be like on Mars. We even got to look at some of the most well-known star constellations and we found out what they are called.

Have you heard of “the big dipper”?
Did you know that there is no gravity in space?
Did you know that Jupiter and Saturn are made entirely of gas?

Ask us what else we found out during our time in the Science Dome!